Thursday, January 18, 2018


District Grant for Effective Schools 2017-2018

Grant Opportunity

The nine public school districts in The Rapides Foundation service area are invited to re-apply for the Effective Schools Grant. The purpose of these grants is to support district wide school improvement plans aimed at increasing educational attainment and improving student achievement.

Grant funds may support district plan components that address professional development for teachers and/or strengthen leadership capacity within the district. Districts should determine areas of greatest need for teacher and leadership development and then address them in a defensible way that continues to deepen previous work in these areas. Districts may initiate new professional development or leadership strategies in core areas as long as those strategies follow a comprehensive data analysis.

The funding horizon for the Effective Schools Grants will continue until May 2019. Grants will be renewable annually subject to demonstrations of progress and continued district commitment. Maximum district funding amounts are based on student population and are provided to the districts individually.

Effective Schools Grant proposals must be submitted using The Rapides Foundation's online application process. (link in right column) Applicants should thoroughly review the detailed Request for Proposals and supporting documents thoroughly prior to proposal submission. (found in Key Materials section in right column)

Proposal Submission

The grant proposal submission period is closed. 


For questions related to the Effective Schools Grant proposal, please contact The Rapides Foundation's Programs Department.
318-443-3394 or 800-994-3394 (toll free)

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