Rapides Healthcare System

Rapides Healthcare System Community Benefit

The Rapides Foundation continues its 100-year legacy of healthcare in Central Louisiana through the services and community benefit provided by the Rapides Healthcare System (RHS).

What is RHS?

Rapides Healthcare System serves 12 Central Louisiana parishes, all designated as Medically Underserved Areas. Eight of the parishes are designated as having a shortage of primary healthcare professionals. Organizational documents require that RHS meet the community benefit standard established by the Internal Revenue Service even though it is a taxable organization. RHS is 74 percent owned by HCA and 26 percent owned by The Rapides Foundation. Despite these ownership percentages, RHS is administered by a Governing Board made up of Foundation appointees, HCA appointees and Medical Staff appointees. The Rapides Foundation maintains a 50 percent vote on major reserved powers. Foundation Trustees and staff analyze, assert and monitor community benefit opportunities and outcomes at RHS.

Community Benefit Policy

The Rapides Foundation caused the RHS Governing Board to adopt and implement a Community Benefit Policy. Click the link below to access the entire Community Benefit Policy.

Community Benefit Report

Rapides Healthcare System provides free and discounted medical care for those unable to pay and is the area's largest provider of services to low-income patients enrolled in the Medicaid program. Under its Community Benefit Plan, RHS expands its focus to support programs that improve the overall health for all who live in the area.