Social Environment

The Social Environment Initiative address social capital by supporting leadership and nonprofit development and increased community and civic engagement. 

The Social Environment Initiative provides an integrated approach to enhance civic and community opportunities for more effective nonprofit leaders and organizations. This approach seeks to foster increased civic engagement, develop enhanced leadership skills and improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations so that they will operate with greater success as they work to achieve their missions.

Community Development Works, a program of The Rapides Foundation, implements most of the activities under the Social Environment Initiative. The Initiative consists of two components.


Featured Programs

Community Development Works

The Foundation seeks to build the capacity of nonprofits by focusing on the skills of the individuals in the organization and on the organization as a whole. This work is carried out by Community Development Works, a program of The Rapides Foundation. 

Community and Civic Engagement

To increase civic and community engagement, the Foundation offers My Civic Life, a program that provides high school students with leadership and volunteer service opportunities through participation in school-based community service Youth Volunteer Corps Clubs. YVC clubs are implemented through the Youth Volunteer School District Grant.

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