Thursday, December 1, 2022

5 plus 30 Campaign

5+30 It All Adds Up To A Healthier You

What is 5+30?

Click to view our :30 PSA5+30 is a multi-media campaign by The Rapides Foundation to encourage everyone to make better food choices and increase their physical activity. Look for these two numbers – they’ll help you get and stay healthier! Click the YouTube logo or Click Here to view our :30 commercial.

5+30 Adds Up To A Healthier You!
Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day
Get 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity 5 days a week.

Resources For Making Healthy Choices

Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Healthy Lifestyle Program provides demonstration and education on proper nutrition and physical activity for good health and is designed to fight obesity in Central Louisiana. The program is free, but requires a commitment and a sincere readiness to make lifelong changes over a six-month period. Clients must be referred by their doctors. The Healthy Lifestyle Program is funded by The Rapides Foundation's Healthy Behaviors Initiative and administered by CMAP. The goal of the program is to provide Central Louisiana residents with resources to lead healthy lifestyles. To learn more about the Healthy Lifestyle Program please click the following link to visit the CMAP website and read more about the program.

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Get Healthy Cenla Challenge Calendar

Join The Rapides Foundation's Get Healthy Cenla Challenge by downloading our challenge calendar each month. The calendar offers daily nutrition and fitness challenges to help you achieve your health goals. The challenge calendar is posted on the website each month, and can also be found on the Foundation's Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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Interactive Map of Healthy Activities around the region

Discover opportunities throughout Central Louisiana for you and your family to get healthy using our interactive map. The map features walking trails, playgrounds, fitness stations, farmers markets, and community gardens found in the region.

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