Cancer Screening is Important

Recognizing the importance of early detection of cancers, The Rapides Foundation in 2009 unveiled the Cancer Screening Project in response to its 2005 Community Health Assessment that found too many Central Louisiana residents were not getting screened for breast, cervical and colon cancers. Early screening for certain cancers can be cost-effective and promote longer, healthier lives. 

Based on those findings, the Foundation developed a plan with the goal of promoting early detection of cancer. Since 2009, the Foundation has partnered with several nationally recognized leaders in cancer prevention and care to help improve cancer screening rates in the region.

The Cancer Screening Project is administered by CMAP and is part of The Rapides Foundation's Healthcare Access Initiative. The Foundation's initiative to increase cancer screenings includes offering access to a mobile cancer screening unit, producing a multi-media awareness campaign about the importance of cancer screening, and making available a Community Health Advisor to help navigate patients to available cancer screening services. 

Cancer Screening Project

Free Screenings on Cancer Screening Van

The Foundation’s Cancer Screening Project helps residents get access to free medical screenings for breast, colorectal and cervical cancers.

A feature of this project is the Cancer Screening Van, a mobile digital mammography unit that travels throughout Central Louisiana. The screening van is a partnership between The Rapides Foundation, Cenla Medication Access Program (CMAP), and the Partners in Wellness Program at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at LSU Health Shreveport.

For questions about eligibility for the free screenings, contact the Cancer Screening Project at (318) 767-3027 or toll-free at (855) 767-3027.

Change Cancer's Direction with Early Detection

Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign

The Foundation has a widespread media campaign designed to raise awareness in Central Louisiana about the importance of early detection of cancers through screening. The campaign also includes information about several other important behaviors that influence health.

Watch these videos to learn the cancer screening stories of your friends and neighbors.

Community Health Advisor Project

CMAP’s Community Health Advisor Project is a community-based program that trains community volunteers to help educate their peers about the importance of cancer screenings and to reach out to those who are diagnosed with cancer.

Once trained, Community Health Advisors provide education, outreach and information to men and women throughout Central Louisiana. They encourage people to practice early detection of colon, breast and cervical cancer while it is in the most treatable stages.

Community Health Advisors are trained by the Cancer Screening Project’s Community Health Advisor. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Community Health Advisor, please contact CMAP at 318-767-3028.