Effective Schools

Through the Effective Schools component of The Rapides Foundation's Education Initiative, the Foundation supports district-wide school improvement plans aimed at increased educational attainment and improved student achievement.

The Foundation provides grant funding to the nine public school districts within its service area to enhance professional development for teachers and strengthen leadership capacity for administrators in a way that continues to deepen previous work by the districts in these areas. These district-level grants are used to fund targeted coaching and mentoring of teachers; leadership development for administrators; and participation in Institutes provided by The Orchard Foundation. New teacher induction programs are also being delivered with funds provided in the district grant.

The Foundation's Effective Schools component also provides technical assistance to each school district through contracts with experts in the field of education.

Professional Development for Educators

In addition to its district-level grants, The Rapides Foundation provides The Orchard Foundation with grant funding that is used to administer instructional leadership institutes and Kagan Cooperative Learning Institutes for Central Louisiana educators. 

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