Wed, 15 February, 2023

The Rapides Foundation Launches Treat Yourself Cenla

The Rapides Foundation Launches Treat Yourself Cenla

Campaign is part of its Healthy Behaviors Initiative

The Rapides Foundation launched its Treat Yourself Cenla campaign in February with the objective of positively impacting the Central Louisiana region by providing resources to help improve three key health status factors: eating better, moving more and breathing freely.

The goal of the Treat Yourself Cenla campaign is to change the way people use the phrase “treat yourself.” More often than not, the phrase is used as a justification for unhealthy choices. Instead, The Rapides Foundation wants to change the narrative and inspire people to eat better, move more and breathe freely. 


Residents of Central Louisiana were used in the development of the campaign, and will be featured across multiple media channels, including social media, digital, billboards, television, and on the website.

The campaign is part of the Foundation’s Healthy Behavior Initiative, which addresses tobacco prevention and control, substance and alcohol abuse prevention, healthy eating and active living. The Healthy Behaviors Initiative is an integrated, comprehensive, multi-level and multi-target initiative that focuses on health behaviors with the goal of having a meaningful impact on chronic disease prevention in the region. 


For more information about the Treat Yourself Cenla campaign, visit or any of the Treat Yourself Cenla social media channels.


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