Tue, 30 November, 2021

Seven leaders graduate from Cenla Execbuilders

Seven leaders graduate from Cenla Execbuilders

Program is for nonprofit leaders

Seven Central Louisiana nonprofit leaders graduated Friday, November 12, from Cenla Execbuilders, a Community Development Works training program that provides a unique opportunity for executive directors to become more effective in their roles as leaders of local nonprofit organizations. 

The program is free and open to new or experienced executive directors in Central Louisiana. It uses a combination of intensive training, professional coaching and peer networking opportunities grounded in adult learning methodologies. By developing and improving leadership skills, participants have the opportunity to become part of a close-knit community of skilled leaders and increase their capacity to lead high-performing organizations.

The 2021 graduates of Cenla Execbuilders are:

  • Joseph Buzzetta, Executive Director, Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition

  • Sally Cowan, Executive Director, Cenla Community Action Committee, Inc.

  • Jerald “Jerry” Egbert, Executive Director, Life Assisting Fellowship Corporation

  • Mitzi LaSalle, Director of Donor Relations, Evergreen Life Services

  • Donna Lindsey, Executive Director, The Centennial Cultural Center, Inc.

  • Jacqueline Murray, Executive President, Veterans Place Organization

  • Quentin Murray, Vice President and Chairman, Veterans Place Organization

Cenla Execbuilders is a part of The Rapides Foundation’s Social Environment Initiative, which provides an integrated approach to enhance civic and community opportunities for more effective nonprofit leaders and organizations in Central Louisiana.

The 2021 graduates attended seven full days of intensive, leadership training over a four-month period. The training is designed for participants to develop skills to lead nonprofit organizations and manage the ever-changing environment in which nonprofits operate. Training topics are presented in a systematic order to reinforce the knowledge and skills from the previous sessions.

The topics for the 2021 cohort were: Understanding Leadership Roles and Responsibilities; Nonprofit Operations and Implications; Strategic Planning and Thinking; Fund Development and Public Relations; Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution; Team Building and Mentoring; and Leading and Managing Change.

In addition to attending the seven training sessions, participants can request personal coaching services delivered by expert trainers. These personalized coaching sessions are offered at no extra cost to Cenla Execbuilders participants.

The 2021 graduates join a group of 56 Cenla Execbuilders alumni.

Photo above.

The 2021 graduates are, left to right, Mitzi LaSalle, Donna Lindsey, Joseph Buzzetta, Sally Cowan, Quentin Murray, Jacqueline Murray and Jerry Egbert.



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