Wed, 30 September, 2015

Workforce Skills and Development

Workforce Skills and Development

The Rapides Foundation's Economic Development Initiative includes a Workforce Skills and Development component that supports efforts to build a cohesive and effective workforce development system in Central Louisiana that meets the demands of employers of all sizes, has the capacity to quickly respond to change, and provides training opportunities and career paths for employment and advancement for all Cenla residents.

This includes building employer and community participation in the Cenla Work Ready Network, a program that links education and workforce development efforts and aligns them with regional economic needs. The Foundation provides funding to the Louisiana Central to support this work. Visit the Louisiana Central website for more information about employer participation with the Cenla Work Ready Network and the ACT Work Ready Communities Program. 

The Foundation's Workforce Opportunity Grant supports training and education for above-median income occupations for which there is demonstrated, unmet employer demand. The grant is designed to promote partnerships between Central Louisiana businesses and accredited public, nonprofit post-secondary institutions from throughout the state. Learn more about the Workforce Opportunity Grant.

The Foundation provides support to the Louisiana Central to help build systemic, institutional capacity in the region's post-secondary institutions. These efforts are intended to close the gaps identified in The Rapides Foundation's "Beyond High School" report and subsequent analyses that revealed the need for a community-wide effort to expand and strengthen the area's technical/community college.