Thursday, October 6, 2022

2014 Program Summary


To improve access to healthcare and to promote healthy behaviors.

Healthcare Access: The Healthcare Access Initiative fosters the establishment and expansion of primary, behavioral and oral health services through integration with community health clinics; and also addresses medical manpower issues in the region. Through grant funding to its Cenla Medication Access Program, the Foundation addresses medication access and cancer screenings.
Healthy Behaviors: The Healthy Behaviors Initiative addresses tobacco use, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and alcohol and substance abuse prevention.


To increase the level of educational attainment and achievement as the primary path to improved economic, social and health status.

Effective Schools and School Readiness: This component of the Education Initiative focuses on enhancing professional development for teachers and increasing the leadership capacity for administrators in the nine public school districts within the Foundation’s service area. Building upon the long-standing work and relationships between the Foundation and School Districts, professional and leadership development opportunities are provided through grants to the districts, as well as funding provided to The Orchard Foundation for training institutes. Research and advancement of successful School Readiness approaches are also included as part of The Rapides Foundation’s Education Initiative.
Career & Postsecondary Readiness: This component of the Education Initiative focuses on achieving career and postsecondary success through implementation of counseling, credential and advance credit programs.


To improve economic opportunity and family income; and enhance civic and community opportunities for more effective leaders and organizations.

Economic Environment: The Economic Development Initiative addresses incomes and occupations through grants, as well as through funding provided to Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance to address workforce development in the region; increased business startups and expansions; and support for regional economic development focused on value-added goods and services in traded sectors.
Social Environment: The Community Development Initiative addresses social capital by supporting leadership and nonprofit development, and increased civic engagement through Foundation funding provided to its Community Development Works Program.


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