Thursday, October 6, 2022

Message from the President and Chairman

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“The Rapides Foundation’s combined focus on healthcare access and other healthy behaviors; education; and economic development and civic engagement was pioneering among conversion foundations and is still outstanding. Their outreach to groups like youth and teachers, work to promote nonprofit leadership, and partnerships with other community organizations were also ahead of their time. The Foundation’s record reflects an appreciation of the components that are necessary for a healthy community, especially in communities — of which there are many — where poverty, educational challenges, and health problems go hand-in-hand. It’s impressive that the Foundation’s strategy is not just mission-driven but is also consistently supported by data.”
“The Rapides Foundation models leadership for the field through the engagement of its President and CEO Joe Rosier. He is viewed as a national thought leader for health philanthropy and is present in organizations and gatherings throughout the field, from serving on the board of Grantmakers in Health to providing guidance for the SECF Health Legacy Foundation CEO Forums. That’s not only a testament to Joe’s leadership, but to The Rapides Foundation’s board that leadership must extend beyond one’s geographic boundaries if true systems change is to occur.”


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