Thursday, October 6, 2022

2014 Healthcare Access

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“The Rapides Foundation, in my view, is crucial for Central Louisiana. The Foundation has enough resources to make a difference in an area of the state that has a lot of need. It was terrific for me to learn about what the Foundation was doing and how strategic it was being about how to deploy its resources, given the needs in the area.”
“The Rapides Foundation uses current research to determine how to best spend their resources in ways that will have the most effective outcomes for the people in the region. While I recognize that health rankings won’t improve drastically overnight, I believe there are already some areas where we have seen gains particularly in health factors in the area, as noted in most recent national county rankings. As health outcomes improve there will also be economical, social and educational gains for the community. These health outcomes will ultimately lead to healthier communities and families.”


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