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2012 Message from the President and Chairman

Message from the President and Chairman
The Rapides Foundation launched a five-year strategic plan in 2008 aligned with our mission to improve the health status of Central Louisiana. The plan seeks to impact key factors of health as stated in our vision. We set intended impacts for each of our strategic priorities that reflect our commitment to fostering the conditions and changes that will yield improved health for Central Louisiana residents. Opportunities were developed to fund proven interventions implemented by nonprofits, public entities or our own affiliate organizations. Throughout the five years, Foundation trustees and staff monitored and evaluated these programs to ensure they were properly implemented, and adjustments were made to ensure maximum success.

Our advancement of proven strategies and engaging community capacity resulted in programs involving tobacco prevention and control, diet and physical activity, healthcare access, education, economic development and community engagement. All of these contribute to the health of individuals and the larger Central Louisiana population. We hope you see the benefits of these efforts in your family and community.

This work is a journey that requires achieving many milestones on a known path to more years of productive living and well-being. It began in 1994 with the advent of The Rapides Foundation and will continue with ongoing research, implementation, evaluation and adjustment as we pursue our ambitious goal.

We considered 2012 a year for finishing strong as we concluded our strategic plan. It was a time for deeper implementation to make sure our strategies were being fully implemented. We have determined we will continue to implement this plan during 2013 as the trustees and staff of The Rapides Foundation develop renewed strategies to improve health status for 2014 and beyond.

The journey to improved health is difficult, but worthwhile. The Rapides Foundation is committed to leading and supporting health improvement efforts with, and on behalf of, the residents of Central Louisiana.

Joe R. Rosier, Jr., CFA
President and CEO
Mike Newton
Board Chairman


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