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2012 The Rapides Foundation - Grant Application Process

The Rapides Foundation - Grant Application Process

The Rapides Foundation offers Program Opportunity Grants and Mini Opportunity Grants focused on teen pregnancy prevention, alcohol abuse prevention or select immunizations.
Qualified organizations requesting funds through the Program Opportunity Grant Program should submit a Letter of Intent prior to the deadline. Letters of Intent will be reviewed and the applicants will be notified if a full proposal is desired for further evaluation. Applicants will be notified of selection decisions approximately 30 days after the May 15 or October 15 deadline for the Letter of Intent.

Applicants requesting funds for Mini Opportunity Grants (up to $10,000) can submit at any time.

Application materials and eligibility criteria are contained in the booklet titled, “Applying for Funds” from The Rapides Foundation. Any group or organization interested in applying for funds is encouraged to call the Program Department at 318-443-3394. Your call will be directed to the appropriate Program staff person. Calls and e-mails are strongly encouraged prior to any formal written submission.

Note Regarding Grant Cycle Deadlines
Through December 2013, The Rapides Foundation will focus on refining our program initiatives. The Foundation will be conducting a growth planning process to set priorities for the coming years, as well as evaluating and assessing its programs. Grantmaking will be suspended until that process is completed. Please contact the Foundation or visit the Grants Section of our website to learn more.


(Program Opportunity Grants)
Before submitting a Letter of Intent, an applicant should view the booklet “Program and Funding Interests,” which details complete requirements and guidelines. The booklet can be found on the Foundation’s website at Applicants are also encouraged to discuss their project with a Foundation Program Officer.

In a Letter of Intent applicants will be asked to address the following:

• Organizational mission
• Desired outcomes
• Problem or need
• Strategy
• Risk factors
• Sustainability

(Program Opportunity Grants)
If your Letter of Intent is favorably reviewed, you will be asked to submit a complete Project Proposal on or before the announced proposal deadline. You will have about 60 days to complete the full proposal. This second stage of the application includes a complete business plan with project description, workplan and timeline, staffing and other resource requirements, and an evaluation plan. A project budget and narrative describing the assumptions for preparation of the budget will be a part of the proposal. You will be provided an outline for the proposal requirements, as well as a budget worksheet and instructions when you are notified that your Letter of Intent has been favorably reviewed.
Grant decisions are made through the combined effort of the Budget and Grants Committee and the Board of Trustees. Staff provides recommendations to the Budget and Grants Committee based upon some or all of the following procedures: analysis of the written proposal, consultation with experienced program leaders and researchers in the field, site visits and meetings with project staff and Board, and experience with your organization or contributing personnel on prior grants. Applicants will hear of decisions regarding their submissions via a letter. Award/decline letters will communicate the decisions of the Board and will also include information on various contingencies or pre-funding requirements.

Please keep in mind that grant awards may contain significantly different terms of award than originally proposed by your group. Also, a contract (Grant Agreement) must be signed between your group and The Rapides Foundation which spells out requirements and expectations for superior performance.

Decline letters will generally not indicate specific reasons for Committee or Board action. Groups who are unsuccessful are encouraged to contact the Program Department. In many cases, staff are able to highlight certain areas of the proposal that may require additional refinement for program excellence.


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