The Rapides Foundation Brand Guidelines

Implementing The Rapides Foundation brand in communications

These brand guidelines are provided as a tool to support a clear, consistent message through the communications efforts of grantees of The Rapides Foundation, as well as to help educate and inform people in Central Louisiana about projects funded by the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Communication Department is available to provide assistance to grantees on communication activities. The brand guidelines presented here are designed to make it easier for grantees to know how to correctly use the Foundation’s logo for grant activities and collaterals.

Download Brand Guideline

Logo files available for download

Printed Communications

Use JPG, TIF or EPS file formats for high resolution printed word processing or layout applications for output on offset/digital/inkjet type printers, magazine/newspaper, outdoor/signage, and graphics.

Use JPG or PNG file formats for online or desktop applications such as web pages, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, television/broadcast and digital documents.

Use EPS or AI file formats for applications that require line or vector artwork such as signs, T-shirts, and other graphic applications.

If you need a high resolution version of our logo on a background or color other than white for printing or digital communications, you may try using a layered TIF (for print) or PNG file (for digital).

User Agreement

Any item or document using The Rapides Foundation’s logo must be submitted for approval to the Foundation’s Communication Department prior to distribution.

Any user of this content and logo files agrees that The Rapides Foundation owns all rights, title and interest in the logo and in the name The Rapides Foundation including all copyrights and trademark rights therein. Any unauthorized copying and/or use of the logo, marks or names is strictly prohibited. The logo may not be used in any form other than those approved by The Rapides Foundation and may not be used for any purpose other than that specifically requested.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Communications Department at 318-443-3394 or 800-994-3394.

Youth Health Advocates Logo

For use by Healthy Behaviors School District Partnership Grantees

Located below is a zip file containing Youth Health Advocates logos in multiple file formats to allow for easy use in grantee documents.

Please remember that any item or document using the Youth Health Advocates logo must be submitted for approval to The Rapides Foundations Communications Department and Program Department PRIOR to distribution.

Also located below are the Youth Health Advocate Brand Guidelines, which provide detailed guidelines about how and when to use the logo, as well as contact information to get approval of documents using the logo.